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School of Social Work Mascots

Buzz Zosky graduated Magna Cum Cuddly at the School of Kitten Studies. He is currently a full-time assistant to Dr. Zosky specializing in treat acquisition, chasing small objects and random cuteness. Buzz hopes to continue his career in promoting the wellbeing of all those who come to him for any of their huggable needs.


Tinny & Tony Stipp are "The Boys" to Karen and Mike. The Boys are sweet little brown dogs, brothers of uncertain parentage, with no degree or pedigree. They've been ours since they were pups and they're 11 years old now. The vet says they're old geezers, though, not boys. So we think it's time to change vets!

stipp dogs

Cooper Wehrmann is the longest running School mascot. He received his Ph.D. from Dog Chow University. He did his post-doc at PIT (Purina Institute of Technology). Cooper's favorite past-times are eating, sleeping, being petters, and being adored. He has no ambition to teach; to do community, School, or University service; or to do research. His main mission is to keep his human friend and confidant, Kathy Wehrmann, a productive little scholar.

Picture of a golden retriever dog, Cooper

Chloe Wingfield is the newest addition to the School mascots. She has been trained in puppy school with dreams to attend Cooper's alma mater, Dog Chow University. Her favorite activities include walking on the trail, piddling on the carpet, licking feet, but most of all she loves to have her belly rubbed by her momma, Tuwana.


Summer Avant is a happy girl, just waiting to be loved by students and faculty of the school! She's a great addition to the mascot family. She has aspirations of owning her own beauty parlor and is planning to start doggie beauty school in the fall. She enjoys spending time with her mom and dad, Deneca and Andre and her little sister, Dyani.


Sweetie Liechty is the proud daughter of Dan Liechty, the only male full-time faculty in our department. She is very independent and laid back just like her owner. In this photo, she's accentuating her best side.

Sweetie showing off her best side.

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