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Social Work Club

The Social Work Club provides a vehicle for student cohesiveness and professional identity with the social work profession. The Club is a student led organization designed to increase awareness of social issues within the University and the wider community. It provides opportunities to gain knowledge about the social work major and issues related to the profession of social work. It also offers volunteer opportunities, leadership experiences, career exploration and fellowship with students and faculty. If you are interested in joining the Social Work Club, please contact the BSW advisor, Jerey McKinney.

Although the club has faculty sponsorship, it functions as an autonomous student organization. The Club elects its own officers, carries on fundraising activities, and allocates its own funds. In recent years club members have chosen to donate excess funds at year-end to local social service programs selected by Club members.

The Club has its own constitution and by-laws and is registered with Illinois State as a student fee fund organization, which means that it receives student fee money. As a registered organization, the club has the privilege of using various campus services and equipment, the use of University facilities for its meetings and activities and access to special services for organizations. The Club has co-sponsored activities with the School and various social service agencies in the community which makes it possible for these groups to use University facilities.

The Social Work Club provides all baccalaureate students, both majors and non-majors, with an opportunity to be involved in social work related activities and projects. Opportunity for involvement goes well beyond these meetings. Social Work Club members have been very involved in developing programs, fundraising, and "friend-raising." Over the last few years there has been substantial interest in the Club as students have experienced the benefits of participation.

Examples of events sponsored by the Social Work Club include:

  • Sponsoring a team for Relay for Life to raise money for cancer research
  • Habitat for Humanity building activities in the community.
  • Field trips including planning and hosting a Halloween Party for children living in low-income housing, and planning a Valentine's Day party at a local nursing home.
  • Evening "get-togethers" featuring speakers from local social service agencies.
  • An evening meeting bringing together pre-field students and students presently in field placements to exchange information. Faculty and agency supervisors were not invited.
  • Sponsoring a “Grad School” night bringing in various area social workers to speak about their experiences being a student at various grad schools
  • Co-sponsoring Social Work Day with the School of Social Work each year in celebration of Social Work Month. This includes helping plan and conduct day-long activities and speakers.
  • Social gatherings such as "hot dog" roasts and faculty/student volleyball games.
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