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BSW Plan of Study

The present curriculum plan is summarized in the model plan of study presented below.

The plan of study shows the required sequence of courses and is used extensively by the Director of Student Services

and students in the advisement process. Students may enter the BSW Program only in the fall semester. The entire major consists of 69 credit hours with 27 credit hours of pre-requisites required prior to the junior year. Once a student is admitted to the major, the core program consists of 54 credit hours offered over 4 semesters (2 fall and 2 spring). The program is tightly sequenced, requiring completion of one semester's courses before continuing to the next semester. Each course is offered only once a year.

(This is for reference only, may change any time)

Freshman Year: Fall

Freshman Year: Spring

SWK 170 Intro to Social Work (SWK)

ENG 101 or COM 110 (IC)

PSY 110 (MC-IS & SWK)

MAT 120 (IC-M)

BSC 101 (IC-NS & SWK)

ECO /PSY/GEO/POL 138 or MQM 100 (MC-QR & SWK)

ENG 101 or COM 110 (IC)

POL 101 or 106 (MC-ICL & SWK)

IC-NS course

SOC 106 (SWK)

Sophomore Year: Fall

Sophomore Year: Spring

PSY 350 (SWK)

ANT 185 (OC-SS & SWK)

OC-FA course

OC-SMT course

Foreign Language I (if needed)

ECO 103 (SWK)

OC-H course

MC-LH course

MC-UST course

Foreign Language II (if needed)

Junior Year: Fall

Junior Year: Spring

SWK 222: Contemporary Social Welfare Policy

SWK 223: Human Behavior in the Social Environment I

SWK 310: Practice with Diverse Populations

SWK 325: Generalist Practice I: Individuals

SWK 326: Practice Skills Laboratory

SWK 225: Human Behavior in the Social Environment II

SWK 315: Social Work Research

SWK 329: Preparation for Professional Practice

SWK 336: Generalist Practice II: Families

SWK 337: Generalist Practice III: Groups

Senior Year: Fall

Senior Year: Spring

SWK 345: Generalist Practice IV: Communities

SWK 394: Field Instruction Seminar I

SWK 398.10: Professional Practice: Field Instruction I

SWK Elective or Additional Course to fullfill BSW Degree Requirement (see below)

SWK 346: Policy and Advocacy

SWK 395: Field Instruction Seminar II

SWK 398.11: Professional Practice: Field Instruction II

SWK Elective or Additional Course to fullfill BSW Degree Requirement (see below)

Additional BSW Degree Requirement

Students must take one of the following two courses in addition to the University General Education requirements:An additional Sci/Math/Tech course beyond general education requirements. Approved courses for this requirement can be found in the list of the Bachelor of Science Requirement in Science, Mathematics, and Technology.An additional foreign language course LAN 115 or higher

Any elective must be approved by Director of Student Services. Only one elective is needed to fulfill the additional BSW Degree Requirement. A student may choose to take more courses to fulfill 120 hour graduation requirement.

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