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Social Work Day 2019 Workshops

Five interactive workshops will occur simultaneously. You will need to select one to attend for the afternoon part of Social Work Day

  • The Arts as a Tool for Learning (Co-sponsored by The Illinois Art Station) Participants will learn how to utilize music and visual art strategies to illustrate the impact of arts education as a therapeutic, coping, and transformational tool with toddlers, caregivers, and teens. Participants will also participate in an interactive artmaking activity led by the facilitators. Facilitators:  Peggy Finnegan-Boyes (Curator of Education + GA Teaching Artist, The Illinois Art Station).
  • Creating Visual Art in a Community Food Forest to Address Hunger/Sustainability (Co-sponsored by Illinois State University School of Art) Participants will learn about existing food forests throughout the country, with a closer look at the Seattle food forest, and an introduction to our local food forests including Refuge Food Forest in Normal, and West Bloomington's food forest in the Sunnyside Community Garden. With plans to develop more local food forests in the future, even small scale renditions along the Constitution Trail both in town and along the new northern section of the trail, there is the possibility of using these sites as locations for widespread public art installations. We will discuss possibilities for creating art in our community food forests and begin to develop both short and long term designs/plans that work to further integrate the forests with the community through artworks. Participants will consider various projects involving different mediums and begin to create a master plan that will include forming work teams/committees and drafting a proposal to be submitted for approval by the Town of Normal. Facilitators: Nancy Fewkes and Archana Shekara (Illinois State University School of Art), and Bill Davison (Extension Educator at University of Illinois Extension).
  • Using Photo Voice to promote Policy Change for Marginalized Communities (Co-sponsored by Michigan State University SSW Faculty Member) This workshop will illustrate how to use photographs and the stories they tell, or the photo-voice method, to examine social policies affecting various populations. Examples from a project aimed at analyzing and advocating for policy change will be shared. Participants will be asked to focus on a policy representing a social problem they are concerned with, then take their own photos representing these problems, then they will be guided in developing narratives and displays that aim to create social change. Facilitators: Marya Sosulski, (Michigan State University).
  • Creating Poetry as a Social Justice Tool (Co-sponsored by Illinois State University Creative Writing Program Faculty Member). We will begin with writing prompts that encourage participants to locate their own language around/about/within social justice, followed by exercises that address the challenge of turning that language into language art that could, potentially, affect social justice. If participants are willing, they may then share their drafts with others for a live, real-time response. We will conclude with discussion of where to go with the poems—how to create new and improved drafts, and where one might publish the work in time. (Co-sponsored by Illinois State University Creative Writing Program  Faculty Member) Facilitator: Kass Fleisher, (Illinois State University Creative Writing Program ).
  • The Crossroads of Theatre and Social Justice (Co-sponsored by Coalescence Theatre Project, Bloomington/Normal) Theatre requires an audience, a story and a storyteller. This workshop will break down those elements through the presentation and discussion of selections from current and past Coalescence Theatre Project productions that tell stories by and about people on the margins. We will examine how Coalescence not only explores all aspects of the human condition but also reaches out to our community to effect social change. Facilitators: Don Shandrow (Executive Director of Coalescence Theatre Project) and Coalescence Theatre Project Company Members.
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