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Christopher Gjesfjeld

Associate Professor
School of Social Work
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Current Courses

394Field Instruction Seminar I

287Independent Study In Social Work

326Practice Skills

398Professional Practice:Field Instruction I

Ph D

University of Pittsburgh


Washington University

Journal Article, Academic Journal

Gjesfjeld, C., Weaver, A., & Schommer, K. Qualitative experiences of rural postpartum women and implications for rural social work.. Contemporary Rural Social Work 7.2 (2015): 115-126.

Gjesfjeld, C. D. (2014). Meeting student resistance with empathic teaching in the college classroom. GAUISUS, 2. Retrieved from

Gjesfjeld, C. D., & Jung, J-K. (2014). Teaching poverty with Geographic Information Systems (GIS): A case study of East Buffalo and food access. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 34, 5, 531-544.

Weaver, A., & Gjesfjeld, C. D. (2014). Barriers to preventive services use for rural women in the Southeastern United States. Social Work Research, 38, 4, 225-234.

Block, A. M., Gjesfjeld, C. D., & Greeno, C. G. (2013). Adolescent perspectives of outpatient mental health treatment. Best Practices in Mental Health, 9, 2, 22-38.


Houston, D., Gjesfjeld, C., Miller-Ott, C., Gholson, T., Schaeffer, L., & Brown, M. (2016). Higher Education as the Lifeline to Social Mobility for Former Foster Youth: A Comprehensive Needs and Assets Assessment. Normal, IL: Center for Child Welfare and Adoption Studies.

Research Report

Houston, D., Gjesfjeld, C., Avant, D., Miller-Ott, A., & Gholson, T. (2017). Final Report-Higher Education as the Lifeline to Social Mobility for Former Foster Youth: A Comprehensive Needs and Assets Assessment. Chicago, IL: The Spencer Foundation.


Gjesfjeld, C.D., Houston, D., Miller-Ott, A., & Gholson, T. (April 2017). Former foster youth in college: A needs and assets assessment. Roundtable session at American Educational Research Association – San Antonio, TX

Weaver, A., & Gjesfjeld, C.D. (January 2017). Rural women’s depression prevalence: What do we know and where do we go from here? Oral presentation at Society for Social Work Research Conference – New Orleans, LA

Gjesfjeld, C., Houston, D., Miller-Ott, A., & Gholson, T. (2016). Former Foster Youth in College: A Needs and Assets Assessment. American Educational Research Association (AERA), Unit: Division J - Postsecondary Education; Section: Division J - Section 2b: College Student Success and Outcomes.
Mothers in a Rural Community: Women's Lived Experiences and Implications for Rural Social Work. Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference. (2016)
Engage Students Through Emotion. CTLT Faculty Fellow. (2015)
Overcoming stereotyping and prejudice: Is it possible?. International Studies Seminar Series. (2015)
To "deal with" or engage: Empathy as antidote for the resistant college student.. ISU Teaching and Learning Symposium. (2015)
Meeting Student Resistance with Empathy in the College Classroom. Lilly Conference Series on College and University Teaching and Learning. (2014)
Blend it, ‘Net it, or Forget it: Discussing Emerging CourseFormats.. CSWE annual conference – Atlanta, GA. (2011)
Demanding tyrant or enabling pushover?: Impressions on teaching from an “occasionally” compassionate therapist.. Teaching Lunch Seminar. UND Office of Instructional Development. (2011)

Grants & Contracts

Higher Education as the Lifeline to Social Mobility for Former Foster Youth: A Comprehensive Needs and Assets Assessment.. Spencer Foundation. Private. (2015)
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