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Christopher Gjesfjeld

Associate Professor
School of Social Work
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Current Courses

448.001Practice Evaluation II

498.001Specialized Practicum II

492.001Specialized Practicum Seminar II

445.001Practice Evaluation I

498.001Specialized Practicum I

498.001Specialized Practicum I Final Year

491.001Specialized Practicum Seminar I

Ph D

University of Pittsburgh


Washington University

Book, Authored

Houston, D., Gjesfjeld, C., Miller-Ott, C., Gholson, T., Schaeffer, L., & Brown, M. (2016). Higher Education as the Lifeline to Social Mobility for Former Foster Youth: A Comprehensive Needs and Assets Assessment. Normal, IL: Center for Child Welfare and Adoption Studies.

Book, Chapter

Gjesfjeld, C. Social control and serious mental illness: Understanding and challenging current ideologies. Political authority, social control and public policy. Emerald (2019)

Journal Article

Gjesfjeld, C. D., & Kahn, J. H. (2023). Disclosing mental health to a classmate: The role of stigma and avoidance.

Gjesfjeld, C. D. (2022). The Vital Role of Field Supervisors’ Perspectives: Connecting the Field Setting to Social Work Competencies. Field Educator, 12.2, Simmons School of Social Work.


Gjesfjeld, C., Weaver, A., & Schommer, K. Qualitative experiences of rural postpartum women and implications for rural social work.. Contemporary Rural Social Work 7.2 (2015): 115-126.

Gjesfjeld, C. D. (2014). Meeting student resistance with empathic teaching in the college classroom. GAUISUS, 2. Retrieved from

Gjesfjeld, C. D., & Jung, J-K. (2014). Teaching poverty with Geographic Information Systems (GIS): A case study of East Buffalo and food access. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 34, 5, 531-544.

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Block, A. M., Gjesfjeld, C. D., & Greeno, C. G. (2013). Adolescent perspectives of outpatient mental health treatment. Best Practices in Mental Health, 9, 2, 22-38.

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Gjesfjeld, C. D., Weaver, A., & Schommer, K. (2012). Rural women’s transitions to motherhood: Understanding social support in a rural community.  Journal of Family Social Work, 15, 5, 435-448. 

Gjesfjeld, C. D., & Jung, J-K. (2011). How far?: Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to examine maternity care access for expectant mothers in a rural state. Social Work in Health Care, 50, 9, 682-693.

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Gjesfjeld, C. D., Greeno, C. G., & Kim, K. H. (2008). A confirmatory factor analysis of an abbreviated social support instrument: The MOS-SSS. Research on Social Work Practice, 18, 3, 231-237.

Colonna-Pydyn, C., Gjesfjeld, C. D., and Greeno, C. G. (2007). The factor structure of the barriers to treatment participation scale (BTPS): Implications for future barriers scale development. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 34, 6, 563-569.


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Weaver, A., & Gjesfjeld, C.D. (January 2017). Rural women’s depression prevalence: What do we know and where do we go from here? Oral presentation at Society for Social Work Research Conference – New Orleans, LA

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Structural Equation Modeling and its applications.. Quantitative Nursing Methods taught by Dr. Bette Ide.. (2010)
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Grants & Contracts

Sharing Hidden Identities: Attachment Identity as a Predictor of LGBTQ and Mental Health-Related Self-Disclosure Events among College Students in the Classroom.. Illinois State University's College of Arts and Sciences Pretenure Faculty Initative Grant. Illinois State University. (2020)
Competencies in the social work field: And those are what?. Assessment Services. Illinois State University. (2019)
Higher Education as the Lifeline to Social Mobility for Former Foster Youth: A Comprehensive Needs and Assets Assessment.. Spencer Foundation. Private. (2015)