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Dr. Kate Sheridan

Associate Professor
School of Social Work
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Kathryn (Kate) Sheridan is an associate professor with the Illinois State University’s School of Social Work. Her current research interests include families involved with the use and production of methamphetamine and with pregnant and parenting teens who use substances. She also has an active line of research examining the effectiveness of child protection mediation programs in McLean and Cook counties in Illinois.

Current Courses

445.002Practice Evaluation I

498.002Specialized Practicum I

498.002Specialized Practicum I Final Year

491.002Specialized Practicum Seminar I

Teaching Interests & Areas

research; substance use disorders

Book, Chapter

Haight, W., Black, J., Jacobsen, T., & Sheridan, K. Pretend Play and Emotion Learning in Traumatized Mothers and Children. D. Singer, R. Michnick-Golinkoff, and K. Hirsh-Pasek (Eds.). Play=Learning. Oxford University Press (2006)

Journal Article

Sheridan, K. Substance Using Pregnant and Parenting Adolescent Girls: Considerations for Preventive Intervention using a Resilience Lens. Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions 18.2 (2018): 128-152.
Stipp, K., Sheridan, K., & Poslethwait, A. Service learning for development of undergraduate practioners-researchers. Gauisis 4 (2016): 1-15.
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Sheridan, K., Haight, W., & Cleeland, L. The role of grandparents in preventing aggressive and other externalizing behavior problems in children from rural, methamphetamine-involved families. Children and Youth Services Review 33.9 (2011): 1583-91.
Haight, W., Black, J., & Sheridan, K. A mental health intervention for rural, foster children from methamphetamine-involved families: Experimental assessment with qualitative elaboration. Children and Youth Services Review 32.10 (2010): 1446-1457.
Haight, W., Marshall, J., Hans, S., Black, J., & Sheridan, K. They mess with me, I mess with them": Understanding physical aggression in rural girls and boys from methamphetamine-involved families. Children and Youth Services Review 32.10 (2010): 1223-1234.
Haight, W., Carter-Black, J., & Sheridan, K. Mothers’ experience of methamphetamine addiction: A case-based analysis of rural, Midwestern women. Children and Youth Services Review 86.4 (2008): 41-62.
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Sheridan, K., & Stipp, K. A Letter to SWK 315 Students

Technical Report

Fuller, T., Bruhn, C., Cohen, L., Lis, M., Rolock, N., & Sheridan, K. Supporting adoptions and guardianships in Illinois: An analysis of subsidies, services, and spending. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, School of Social Work, Children and Family Research Center (2006)
Houston, D., & Sheridan, K. FY14 DCFS Central Region Annual Report on Disparity in Child Protection


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Grants & Contracts

Methamphetamine, Opioids & Fentanyl in Rural Illinois: An Ethnographic Exploration of Current and Emerging Issues. ISU, Office of the Provost. Illinois State University. (2023)